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European Life Science Light Microscopy Award

Image of the Year – The Winners

Welcome to the first Olympus Image of the Year Award, a competition for life science microscopy.

We are delighted to announce that we have found our Image of the Year 2017!

See Below to read more about the winners.

Stay tuned for Olympus Image of the Year Award 2018!

The Winners

  • The winning image in the middle was composed by Mr. Steve Lowry. This fascinating image shows the skin of a sea-cucumber in polarization - perfectly reflecting the beauty that can be found in the details of life.
  • The second prize goes to Dr. David Maitland. His phase contrast image (left) of a glass sponge is not only really interesting, but also extraordinarily beautiful.
  • And finally, Mr. Bob Asselbergh has won the third prize. He used overlaying on this fluorescence image (right) of a sciatic mouse nerve. The result is a remarkable combination of science and art.

Congratulations from the jury and the Image of the Year Team!

We also want to thank all the participants for their contribution and the amazing images that we received. You made this Award an impressive competition!


1. SZ51 Zoom Stereomicroscope


Incorporating new improvements to the highly-regarded Greenough optical system, the SZ51 successfully meets the demand for a variety of observation and documentation options in a genuinely compact microscope design. Clear, sharp image reproduction is matched by new ergonomic design elements which maximize comfort and ease of use.

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2. CX23 Biological Microscope


Designed for operational ease, the CX23 microscope provides easy and safe operation and ensures outstanding optical performance with large field number (FN) 20. Also, the built-in LED light source provides uniform and stable illumination for long term with low power consumption, and its reduced blue color preserves vivid colors of the sample.

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3. PEN E-PL8 Interchangeable Lens Camera


A new PEN with a refined design. This camera is almost like an accessory on its own. This PEN is packed with features to help you express yourself, such as selfie mode, Wi-Fi, Art Filter, and more. It´s a camera to be proud of and one that you´ll always want to use.

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Sylvia Hebisch, Artist, Free Painter, Designer

Sylvia Hebisch, born and raised in Altona, Hamburg, studied illustratiion and painting at the College for Design in Hamburg. Additionally, she learned experimental painting from Stephan von Huene. Parallel to her education she worked as an independent designer and illustrator for children´s books. Since 1989, she has been working as a lecture, teaching nude drawing and free painting at the HTK Academy of design. In October 2002 she also founded her own art school, "Kunstschule am Wohlerspark", in Hamburg.

Stefan Terjung, Operational Manager of the ALMF at EMBL Heidelberg

Stefan Terjung studied biology and chemistry at the University of Heidelberg (DE). At the beginning of his studies he discovered his passion for microscopy techniques. For his thesis at the Institute of Cell Biology he investigated biological applications of two-photon microscopy. He obtained his PhD in botany at the Heidelberg Institute for Plant Sciences (HIP) in 2004. Stefan joined the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility (ALMF) at EMBL Heidelberg in 2003. Since 2016 he is Operational Manager of the ALMF.

In this position he is regulary involved in organizing and teaching courses on light microscopy techniques.

Urs Ziegler, Head of Facility, Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis, UZH

Urs Ziegler entered the field of microscopy in 1990 while investigating attachment and movement of nematocytes in Hydra. He continued to use various microscopy techniques in his research to investigate cell adhesion in neurite outgrowth as well as host-pathogen interactions. In 2007, he joined the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis at the University of Zurich as head. He is involved in many research collaborations, supporting microscopy-related questions and developing applications in the fields of light and electron microscopy, sample preparation, 3D and automated microscopy as well as correlative microscopy approaches.

Wolfgang Hempell, Section Manager Imaging & Microscopy at Olympus Europa

Wolfgang Hempell studied photoengineering at the Cologne University of Applied Science, with a particular interest in microscopy and the development of sensors for quality control of optical lenses. He joined Olympus Europa in 2001 and has spent the last decade working on the development and marketing of innovative microscopy systems for the life sciences. He is currently section manager at Olympus Europa responsible for marketing of life science imaging and microscopy products.

Competition Rules

The winners will be notified in December 2017.

Anyone over the age of 18 with a residency in Europe can submit images created with Olympus equipment. Olympus employees, their families, the judges, their families, and individuals engaged in the manufacturing or sales of microscopes are excluded from participation.

You can upload up to 3 images. All images must be JPEG or TIFF and have a maximum file size of 10MB.

After participating in the competition your image might also be depicted in Olympus campaigns worldwide and you grant us the corresponding rights of use. You will be credited as the image creator so please be aware that you have to be the originator of the uploaded images and that images have to be free from any third party rights. Please find the full details in the terms and conditions.

Our jury will judge the submitted images on artistic and visual aspects, scientific impact and microscope proficiency.



  • Sylvia Hebisch
  • Stefan Terjung
  • Urs Ziegler
  • Wolfgang Hempell



Until October 31.



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